The world becomes more and more virtual

Nowadays there is hardly anything you can’t take care of online. We can purchase almost anything from anywhere in the world. We transfer money online. We look for potential employees online. And now due to the ongoing pandemic the dependancy on the internet has even more increased, says Rieta de Soet, CEO of Global Management Consultants AG in Switzerland. For a business this means, you always have to keep your online presence up to date and think about what you can do, to offer your customer the easiest and most efficient ways to get what they want.

E-marketing is a process of planning and executing the conception, distribution, promotion, and pricing of products and services online, to facilitate exchanges and satisfy customer demands. E-marketing does not only offer advantages for the customer, but for the company as well, says Rieta de Soet further. E-marketing provides customers with more convenience and more competitive prices, and it enables businesses to reduce operational costs. In this case you can really say time is money.

As businesses offer e-marketing, online shopping and appointment booking, customers can easily get market information and compare companies and services from home 24/7. They can read ads on the Web or from e-mail, get e-coupons, view pictures of goods, compare prices, and make purchases with a few clicks. At the same time, businesses can reduce costs in distribution and physical store space and thus pass the savings on to customers. It’s a win-win for everyone.

To make e-marketing effective and efficient, businesses should get an expert involved, so they can work on e-marketing strategies and how to monitor their clients behaviour.

Rieta de Soet and her Business Center GMC AG are always happy to give their customers professional advise on how to optimize their Online-Marketing.

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