The year of LIOcoin

A year in review

February 2018 – The first German crypto currency is born. Named? – LIOcoin.
The successful young company is leading Germany into its financial future and exceeded all expectations this year.

A year in review:

Even in presale, LIOcoin surpassed all expectations. On February 20 with a price of €2.95 LIO went public and was able to sell 10 percent of about 4.2 billion LIOcoins during the first weeks. By the end of presales in May there was no doubt that LIOcoin is the most desirable crypto currency of the year 2018. Self-made billionaire Mario Daser confirmed this with his seven-digit investment in LIOcoin.
To stabilize the coin’s value, the company invested in promising start ups such as the Lifestyle company EvoDrinks as well as the real estate capital company Johnson Capital and many more.
LIOcoin also invested in precious metals like gold and silver.
The impressive company start has been followed by optimizations of the mining process of the LIOcoin – it now takes only half a minute to mine one coin. In addition, LIOcoin improved the blockchain process to guarantee the best customer experience.
In September 2018 the wait came to an end. At this point LIO users could start trading – the first listing on a high-quality trading platform.
Two months after this first milestone, a cooperation with a private bank located in Munich came about. Simultaneous negotiations with the goal to introduce LIOcoin as a digital state currency with different states commenced. These, as well as negotiations with another international banks are still in progress and will most likely be completed by the end of the second quarter of 2019.

The future of LIOcoin:

LIO-App will launch by the end of 2018. The app is a multi-currency-app designed to control and manage all digital wallets, which exist on every crypto currency platform. What is unique about LIOapp is that it will allow users to manage all wallets in one app. LIOcoin is also negotiating with different online shops and app providers to establish LIOcoin as means of payment. The app will be available in the app and the play store.

During the first quarter of 2019 LIO will be listed on one of the first European crypto exchanges ( based on blockchain, where the 20 most lucrative currencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and LIOcoin, will be traded.
New cooperations are anticipated, starting with negotiations with a full-service bank located in Europe. This would mean a personal credit card with wallet connection and IBAN account for every LIOcoin customer guaranteeing even easier use of the crypto currency.

Furthermore, negotiations between representatives of different states and LIOcoin are planned, to negotiate the launch of LIOcoin as a more versatile payment option in the process of preparing the public sector for a shift from Fiat money to crypto-currencies.
One of the first steps next year will be the optimization of the LIO website as well as the wallet for an even easier use of LIO-App.

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